Tell Tom Cruise to NOT Glamorize Rodeos

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Originally Posted: 12 Oct 2010

Tell Tom Cruise to NOT Glamorize Rodeos

[Ed. note: Watch Rodeo People Love Animals???]

FROM  Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) and Tom Cruise Cruelty


Until we get word that Tom Cruise will NOT be doing a movie that glamorizes rodeos, SHARK has taken their campaign to the next stage, launching not only a new video and a brand new website, Tom Cruise Cruelty, calling Cruise out for this bad judgment.

Email Tom via his website

Tom's publicist, Amanda Lundberg
phone (310) 477-4442
fax (310) 447-8442

Amanda's assistant Kathleen
phone (646) 254-6020


In the past two decades, SHARK has video documented terrible abuse at hundreds of rodeos across the country, from New Jersey to California and everywhere in between. We've heard the cries of baby calves as their bones shatter after being thrashed and battered by cowards pretending to be cowboys. We've seen the blood of horses who were beaten and tortured at rodeos, and watched the violent deaths of many animals who could not survive the ferocious brutality inflicted upon them.

For Cruise to whitewash rodeo cruelty, to lend his name and star-power to promote the lie that rodeos care about animals when they in fact destroy them, would be an unforgivable offense against the truth. SHARK has worked too hard exposing the violence behind the facade to sit idly by while this movie gets made. Either Cruise does the right thing, or he will forever be stained by this cruelty.

Since our last update, the previous contact information for Tom Cruise has been disabled. That is a positive sign showing that all of you are making a difference. Way to go to everyone who contacted Tom Cruise last week!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!