Elephant Rides? Tell Kentucky That's a Big, Bad Idea

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Originally Posted: 29 Oct 2010

Elephant Rides? Tell Kentucky That's a Big, Bad Idea

FROM  BornFree USA


Tell Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to leave ordinances as they are and NOT approve elephant rides.

Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:

Rose Mack
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Arnold L. Mitchell Building
#1 Sportsman's Lane
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
(502) 564-7109 ext 441
fax) (502) 564-9136


Please do not allow elephant rides at state and county fairs. There have been numerous studies conducted to provide proof that elephants are not well-suited to a life of subjugation and unnatural confinement. Elephants are not amusement park rides. They are highly intelligent and sentient animals who in the wild live in complex societies and have well-developed and sophisticated means of communication.

Captive elephants are denied their most basic and fundamental social and physical needs. They usually are kept in inadequate, small enclosures and often are chained for long periods of time, which -- in many cases -- can cause chronic and even fatal foot and joint problems.

The accepted standards in which these elephants are trained are often cruel, with the use of beatings, bullhooks and electrical prods to coerce them into submission. Studies have shown that elephants subjected to these cruel training methods may pose a significant public safety risk both to elephant keepers and to the general public. There have been many documented incidents of elephant keepers losing control of their animals with people (both adults and children) on their backs with tragic consequences. In addition, elephants can transmit diseases to humans, such as tuberculosis.

For Kentucky to resume elephant rides, along with public interaction with other exotic animals, is plain wrong!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!