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Originally Posted: 31 Oct 2010

Tell Venezuelan Town NO MORE LIONS

FROM  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)


Urge Venezuelan town to stop torturing lions.

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Casimiro, a lion kept at the Parque Zoológico La Guaricha in Maturin, died in agony last week. Photographs taken prior to his death show a broken lion, covered in open sores and rotting away in a filthy pen.

Casimiro, just prior to his death

Alarmingly, the zoo might be planning to acquire several new lions to replace Casimiro.

Captive life is pure hell for lions. In the wild, lions live in large groups and roam territories as large as 100 square miles. In captivity, lions are often kept alone in small enclosures. They become depressed and neurotic, their health deteriorates, and they often die in pain. Please help make Casimiro's death count for something. Politely ask the mayor of Maturin to stop the zoo from acquiring more lions.


Your letter will be sent to the mayor in Spanish, but the following is the translation:

Subject: Please Stop the Parque Zoológico La Guaricha From Acquiring More Lions!

I was dismayed to learn that the Parque Zoológico La Guaricha is considering the addition of several new lions following the recent death of Casimiro, who died in agony, covered with sores and rotting away in a filthy pen. Wild animals suffer terribly in captivity, particularly when conditions are substandard. In light of the concerns surrounding Casimiro's death and reports that previous lions at this facility died under suspicious circumstances, we respectfully ask you to exert your influence and urge the zoo to make the compassionate and progressive decision to forgo any future lion displays.

Ha sido una gran decepción para mí la noticia de que el Parque Zoológico La Guaricha considera la posibilidad de adquirir varios leones después de la muerte reciente de Casimiro, que se murió dolorosamente, cubierto de llagas y pudriéndose en una jaula inmunda. Los animales salvajes sufren horriblemente en cautiverio, especialmente cuando las condiciones no son ideales. A la luz de las interrogantes relacionadas con la muerte de Casimiro, y los informes de que otros leones en el Parque Zoológico La Guaricha han muerto bajo circunstancias sospechosas, le pedimos con todo respeto que haga uso de sus influencias y exhorte al zoológico a tomar la decisión compasiva y de vanguardia de eliminar por completo la exhibición de leones en el futuro.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!