Demand Charges Against Puppy Millers Busted More Than a Year Ago

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Originally Posted: 12 Nov 2010

Demand Charges Against Puppy Millers Busted More Than a Year Ago

FROM People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)


Tell the District Attorney to prosecute the puppy mill owner: A veterinarian who examined nearly 500 dogs who were rescued said "said she found something wrong with every one of the dogs."

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The Honorable Ronald G. Walker
Montague County Attorney
P.O. Box 336
Montague, TX 76251-0336
phone (940) 894-2261
fax (940-894-2805


In July 2009, after reviewing evidence that ill, lethargic, neglected, and unsocialized dogs were subjected to crowded, filthy conditions at a puppy mill called "Maggic Pets/Heddins Kennels," a Montague County judge ordered owners Carol and Cloyce Heddins to surrender nearly 500 animals to the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT).

According to a HSNT report, the nearly 500 dogs were examined by a veterinarian who "said she found something wrong with every one [of the dogs]." The report also stated, "An elderly Chihuahua, suffering from a broken lower jaw, broke the hearts of rescue workers as they watched him eat bits of kibble by carefully manipulating the angle of his head to soften it with saliva before swallowing. One small elderly male poodle, his fur so matted and eyes so encrusted he had become virtually blind, was found and coaxed to safety by rescuers in a field of weeds, which was also hiding a nest of venomous copperhead snakes."

Please use the form below to send a polite e-mail today to Montague County Attorney Ronald G. Walker and ask him to file criminal charges against the Heddins. Please also consider calling his office directly. You can view PETA's letter to Walker here. PETA has not yet received a response.

If charges aren't filed soon, these abusers could go free and start breeding and selling dogs all over again. Recent reports indicate that the Heddins may already be back in business with a new hoard of dogs—something that only a court order could stop or prevent.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!