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Originally Posted: 15 Nov 2010

Call For an End to Australia's Live Animal Export

[Ed. Note: Also read Australia's Life Animal Exports for Middle East Sacrifices. Watch Live Animal Exports - Indefensible.]

FROM  Animals Australia


Australian animals now have a new Prime Minister and a new Agriculture Minister in charge of their welfare. Please call on Julia Gillard and Joe Ludwig to end the cruel live animal export trade.

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Julia Gillard, Prime Minister
PO Box 6500
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Joe Ludwig, Federal Minister for Agriculture
PO Box 6500
Canberra ACT 2600 Australia
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This week marks one of the darkest times on the animal welfare calendar as the Festival of Sacrifice commences in the Middle East. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of exported Australian animals will be amongst the millions of animals who are sacrificed during religious celebrations at the end of the Hajj.

In the same way that Christmas has become the peak time of animal suffering in the West with vast numbers of factory farmed animals slaughtered for Christmas celebrations, the Festival of Sacrifice is the worst time of animal suffering throughout the Middle East.

Islamic teachings speak to the importance of humane treatment of animals, but the sheer numbers of animals bought and sacrificed inevitably leads to cruelty on a massive scale as the welfare of individual animals is forgotten.

It is common practice for purchased sheep to be bound, shoved into car boots or loaded onto the back of trucks, before suffering a terrifying death on the morning of the Eid; their throats are cut whilst fully conscious, often by inexperienced slaughtermen in private premises or by exhausted abattoir workers who are working at ten times their normal capacity.

It was evidence obtained by Animals Australia investigators of the brutal treatment of Australian sheep in Egypt during this festival that forced the Federal government to ban the live sheep trade to Egypt. Despite similar graphic evidence being documented in other Middle Eastern countries, the Federal government continues to allow animals to be exported to the region.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!