Keep California State Wildlife Refuges Safe from Hunting

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Originally Posted: 22 Nov 2010

Keep California State Wildlife Refuges Safe from Hunting

FROM  California's Political Action Committee for Animals - PAWPAC


Tell the California Fish & Game Department (before December 1) that you opposing opening 19 separate areas to hunting.The Department does not have enough wardens to open all this land to hunting. This proposal has little to do with saving any money and everything to do with hunters’ efforts to open more land for their entertainment.

California Fish & Game Department
1416 – 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


In 2008, the Legislature passed SB 1116 requiring the Fish & Game Department to prepare a report to them which is expected to recommend the closure of State Wildlife Refuges. This closure will open 19 areas for hunting. The Department is to seek public opinion. Your input is crucial. The deadline for your comments is December 1.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!