Stop Bulls From Being Killed with Bare Hands

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Originally Posted: 27 Nov 2010

Stop Bulls From Being Killed with Bare Hands

FROM  Animals Australia Unleashed


Tell South African officials to end the ritualistic killing of a lone bull by 40 young men using nothing but their bare hands.

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While the world wakes up to the fact that bullfighting is an outdated and cruel tradition, in a small province in South Africa a fully grown adult bull is unaware that he is about to suffer the most brutal death imaginable – all in the name of 'culture'. We need your help to speak out for this bull.

In the home of the Zulu monarchy, KwaZulu-Natal, the Festival of Fresh Fruits (the Ukweshwana) begins in December. The 'highlight' is the ritualistic killing of a lone bull, by 40 young Zulu men, with nothing but their bare hands.

Over an agonising 40 minutes, the defenceless bull has his tongue pulled and torn out, his eyes gouged, his genitals twisted and tied in a knot, sand shoved down his throat and his head is painfully wrenched around by the horns in an effort to break his neck. The men then stomp and trample on the dying bull until he is dead.

This shockingly violent death is anything but quick, and it's difficult to imagine the sheer terror the bull would be feeling during the long drawn out torture.

The killing is supposed to prove how brave the men involved are, but there's no bravery in torturing an animal. And tradition is never an excuse to abuse an animal!

No animal should ever be made to suffer like this. The South African branch of Compassion in World Farming is campaigning for this to stop, but this issue is crying out for international support. Please show South African officials that the world is shocked by this animal abuse and politely call on them to ban this brutal event now!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!