Call for Marine Sanctuaries Down Under

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Originally Posted: 4 Dec 2010

Call for Marine Sanctuaries Down Under

FROM  Sea Turtle Restoration Project


Send a message to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke urging him to set aside significant areas in Southwest Australia as marine sanctuaries to ensure the survival of sea turtles and marine life to benefit the world’s oceans.

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Oceans across the globe urgently need protections to ensure the long-term health of sea turtles, whales, dolphins, coral reefs and all marine life. Now we have a chance to support Australian conservationists in calling for marine sanctuaries in waters that are as incredible as the Great Barrier Reef but still vulnerable to oil and gas drilling, overfishing and pollution. Less than 1 percent of these waters are protected.

Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke is on the verge of making a decision on the size and location of new marine sanctuaries in Australia's South West. What makes the looming decision absolutely critical is that it will set the standard for marine protection for the rest of Australia for the next ten to twenty years. The marine life of places like the Kimberley, the Top End and much of the east coast are depending on this decision too.


Tony Burke MP
Parliament House
Canberra ACT

Dear Minister Burke,

I am writing to urge you to establish a strong network of marine sanctuaries in Western Australia to protect the internationally significant ocean waters that provide habitat for disappearing sea turtles, whales, seals and other marine life – much of it found nowhere else on earth.

Southwest Australia is one of the biggest and best marine environments in the world with its green and leatherback sea turtles, colorful coral gardens, majestic blue whales, and darting schools of fish. In the north, the Kimberley is home to calving humpbacks and nesting Australian flatback sea turtles that have very little, if any, protections from the growing pressure from oil and gas development, over-fishing, mining and pollution.

With major decisions about the protection of our marine life now due, you as Minister for the Environment have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to set a high bar for the new marine sanctuaries now being established for Australia.

Minister Burke, in coming weeks you will decide on the level of protection that the Australian Government will offer this extraordinary world-class environment. I urge you to adopt the highest standards of marine science and conservation and put in place a network of large marine sanctuaries throughout the Southwest that will secure a healthy future for marine life.

Please set a high bar on which to build the next set of marine sanctuaries in the Northwest, including the Kimberley.

Please keep me informed about what you intend to do regarding this critical conservation issue.

Yours sincerely...

Thank you for everything you do for animals!