Enforce Laws Prohibiting the Dog Meat Trade

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Originally Posted: 7 Dec 2010

Enforce Laws Prohibiting the Dog Meat Trade

FROM  Network for Animals


Please write to the Philippines ambassador in your country and ask him to encourage the Filipino government to enforce the laws prohibiting the trade in dog meat.

Philippines Ambassador to the UK
Mr. Antonio M. Lagdameo
6-8 Suffolk Street
London SW1Y 4HG
phone (020) 7451 1800
[email protected]

Philippines Ambassador to the US
Mr.Willy C. Gaa
1600 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC |
phone (202) 467 9300
[email protected] 

Philippines Ambassador to Canada
Mr. Jose Brillantes
130 Albert Street, Suite 606
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4
Tel: 613 233 1121
[email protected] 

Philippines Ambassador to Germany
Ms. Delia Domingo-Albert
Uhlandstrasse 97
D-10715 Berlin
Tel: 30 864 95 00
[email protected] 


The trade in dog meat was outlawed in 1998, however government inaction and police corruption have allowed this trade to expand to unprecedented levels.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!