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Originally Posted: 11 Dec 2010

Never Again in Nepal

FROM  KinshipCircle


Urge the Nepalese government to legally shield animals from all forms of abuse, including grotesque rituals such as the 2014 Gadhimai Festival.

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When Babies Weep: Nepal's Festival Of Blood

November 24-25, 2010 was the 1 year anniversary of the world's largest animal sacrifice. The magnitude of violence in the Gadhimai Festival is daunting.

Last year, some 250,000 water buffalo, pigs, goats...and other animals were slowly dismembered by a frenzied crowd wielding butcher knives and swords. Heads were severed and throats slit to commemorate the Hindu goddess of power Gadhimai, who apparently requires a sea of blood before she'll fulfill the wishes of her human disciples. The two-day sacrifice occurs in Nepal's Gadhimai area, at the village of Bariyapur in the Bara District. In 2009 five million visitors were present.

This ancient ritual repeats itself every 5 years. In 2014 hundreds of thousands of live animals will be gored again. United voices worldwide want to shut down the Gadhimai. The time to protest is now. Again and again...until the 2014 festival is canceled or replaced with nonviolent symbolism.


Manoj Gautam, Roots and Shoots Nepal: “Baby buffaloes were bleating for their mothers. Not a single animal survived the bloodbath.”

Bibi Funyal, photographer (assigned to festival): “It took them a long time to sever heads. Buffaloes were mooing, a terrible sound. I stepped over thousands of bodies and heads, wading through animal blood. It was something I will never do again, even if they offer me an award.”

Krishna Singh, Program Manager, Animal Nepal: “Before the killing a baby goat died from lack of food and water. Scared baby buffaloes wanted to be petted. They needed comfort.”

Thank you for everything you do for animals!