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Originally Posted: 14 Dec 2010

Tell Patagonia to STOP Profiting from Live Feather Plucking

FROM  Four Paws


Demand an immediate ban on Patagonia's use of down from cruel live feather plucking. AND, do NOT buy any products with real feathers.

It takes hours for each individual to recover after each "plucking." They are disoriented and confused after the trauma of being grabbed, tied up and having their downy feathers brutally yanked out.

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Patagonia likes to present themselves as a responsible company that takes conservation and sustainability very seriously. Apparently, this sense of responsibility ends when it comes to the protection of animals. A company document as well as research carried out by the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS prove that Patagonia sold down plucked from live animals. The company is hiding behind the misleading term “moult plucking”, at the same time admitting that the geese are plucked up to three times in their lifes. Undercover research which FOUR PAWS undertook in twelve Hungarian farms reveals the cruel reality behind the euphemistic term “moult plucking”: the animal-rights activists presented shocking footage of the brutal process.

“Regardless whether the birds are in moult or not - the plucking causes severe injuries that in many cases even demand stitches. The animals are so stressed that they panic and crush themselves to death in the corners of the barns. After this cruel procedure, many geese are left behind with broken wings, dying”, describes FOUR PAWS feather plucking expert Marcus Mueller. “Moult plucking clearly is an absolutely terrible form of animal torture, we can name dozens of examples. The reason why the down industry is not ready to present any “good” examples of moult plucking is that there are none”, concludes Mueller.

Even though live feather plucking is illegal within the EU, “moult plucking”, is an accepted excuse of the industry to continue the cruel practice, only under a new name. This is comparable to the caging of hens which is still allowed until 2012 if the hens are kept in alibi-cages. FOUR PAWS does not stand alone fighting “moult plucking”: Europe’s ten most important producers of goose meat as well as ten thousands outraged members of the public demand a general ban of all feathers and down which were taken from live animals.

Patagonia invokes on the down supplier “Allied Feather & Down Corporation”. This company in turn receives their down from the German wholesaler Rohdex. Official documents from US customs authorities prove that the Allied Feather & Down Corporation bought tons of down from Rohdex. Only a few weeks ago, FOUR PAWS researchers were able to film Rohdex purchasing down from exactly the same animals which were filmed being live plucked in Hungary. Even the Rohdex workers commented that these down came from the illegal cruel practice. The Rohdex purchaser was interested to know how it was possible to still live pluck considering that there has been so much negative publicity around the topic and that all important traders bar live feather plucking.

As a consequence, FOUR PAWS is calling upon Patagonia to immediately remove all products containing feathers and down taken from live animals from their range and alternatively offer animal-friendly and equally good products such as siliconized hollow fibers. “It is appalling that a company like Patagonia should use down and feathers from tortured animals”, concludes Mueller.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!