Help Stop the Sable Island Seal Slaughter

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Originally Posted: 24 Dec 2010

Help Stop the Sable Island Seal Slaughter

[Ed. Note: Of course if people would not eat animals (i.e., "cod,") the depletion of cod would not be an issue. Blaming that "depletion" on seals is ludicrous. Go Vegan!]

FROM  The Rainforest Site


Tell Canadian Federal Fisheries to STOP their plan to shoot and kill 220,000 Grey Seals in their protected Sable Island nursery.

Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:

Gail Shea
Canadian Federal Fisheries Minister
200 Kent Street
13th Floor, Station 13E228
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6 Canada
phone (613) 993-0999
fax (613) 990-1866


A report prepared recently for the Government proposed that 220,000 grey seals be shot and incinerated in their protected Sable Island nursery.

This horrific proposal includes shooting pups with silencer-equipped rifles, loading them onto dump trucks with a specially modified grabber machine, and transporting them to incinerators — all at a taxpayer cost of $35 million.

Of course, this disgusting grey seal massacre will not help the recovery of depleted cod stocks.

Culling of marine mammals has never been shown to benefit any commercial fish stock. According to your own scientists, the current state of cod stocks is the result of the long-term effects of overfishing — not grey seals. In addition, the DFO National Workshop on the Impacts of Seals on Fish Populations in Eastern Canada concluded that there is no analysis to suggest that fewer grey seals would have a positive effect on fish stock recovery.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!