Keep Pressure on USDA to Get Nosey to a Sanctuary

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Originally Posted: 31 Dec 2010

Keep Pressure on USDA to Get Nosey to a Sanctuary

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Tell the USDA to do their job and remove this abused elephant from her tormenters and send her to a sanctuary.


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Chester Gipson
Deputy Administrator, Animal Care
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Animal Plant and Inspection Service
4700 River Road, Unit 97
Riverdale, MD 20737


DA has filed yet another complaint with the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), urging immediate action to save a 29-year-old African elephant named Nosey from a miserable life with the Liebel Family Circus.

Thanks to you, our last alert resulted in an avalanche of emails on Nosey’s behalf, and brought us confirmation that a USDA investigation is officially underway. This was a significant step forward, but two months later Nosey is still suffering. So we're ramping up our efforts for Nosey, this time taking her case to Associate USDA-APHIS Administrator Kevin Shea, and demanding an end to the bureaucratic foot-dragging.

Over the past three months, ten people in five states, including an animal control officer, monitored Nosey when the circus was in their area. This allowed IDA to provide the USDA with new observations, photographs, and video showing that the negligent and abusive treatment of Nosey continues unabated. These include safe handling violations that put both Nosey and the public at risk, failure to meet space and exercise requirements, and feeding violations. Click here to read IDA’s USDA complaint.

For years, the USDA has been repeatedly citing Nosey’s handler, Hugo Liebel, for the same violations of the Animal Welfare Act, yet nothing changes. Nosey continues to be chained and transported around the country in a small trailer that she shares with seven ponies and a mule. She is constantly chained except when giving rides or performing unnatural tricks. Though elephants are by nature highly social animals, Nosey is held alone, adding to the misery she endures with the circus.

The USDA must suspend Liebel’s license and confiscate Nosey, and these actions need to take place now. Repeat offenders like Liebel must be held accountable for actions that cause elephants to suffer.

Please join IDA in urging the USDA to immediately suspend Liebel’s license and to confiscate Nosey and send her to a natural-habitat sanctuary where she would receive the specialized care she needs after a lifetime of solitude and abuse in the circus.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!