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Originally Posted: 31 Dec 2010

Tell Needham MA to Let Beavers Live

FROM Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC)


Tell Needham MA to find a compassionate, workable alternative to their plan to trap and kill beavers and remove their dam.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Town Manager
1471 Highland Avenue
Needham MA 02492
(781) 455-7512
online email

Sandra Cincotta, Town Manager Assistant
1471 Highland Avenue
Needham MA 02492
(781) 455-7500
online email


Needham to trap beavers, take down dam

The Town of Needham will remove the beaver dam on Anthony Cefalo's property in order to prevent potential drainage problems for the entire town. The beaver will be trapped and destroyed.

By Scott Wachtler
Wicked Local Needham
Posted Dec 23, 2010 @ 06:00 AM

Needham — The town will be hiring a professional trapper to remove the beavers and the dam located on Anthony Cefalo's property on Sunset Road. The dam has been slowing the flow of water from Rosemary Brook and has flooded much of Cefalo's backyard.

Last week The Needham Board of Health, the Conservation Commission and the Department of Public Works called the dam blockage an "emergency situation" and decided the town needed to take immediate action

"They've cleared the formalities and we've hired a trapper who will take care of this," Rick Merson, Director of Public Works said. "Now it's just a matter of coordinating with the contractor who will come in and deal with the beavers and the dam."

Merson said it is important for the town to become involved in the issue because of the potential drainage problems that could occur due to the dam blockage.

"The water that feeds into Rosemary Lake, though the lake into the brook and down through [Needham] and eventually into Wellesley makes this a fairly good-sized watershed area," Merson said.

Vincent Roy, Superintendent of Water, Sewer and Drains said the town has hired Beaver Solutions to breach the dam and trap the beaver or beavers.

"We're hoping to start [Tuesday morning]," Roy said. "The breaching of the dam will be gradual. This time of year, beavers don't come out a lot unless they sense activity around the dam, so that's were we'll set the traps – near the dam, but that will be up to the trapper."

Roy said they will gradually breach the dam so they don't flood the surrounding areas. He said they aren't sure how many beavers might be in the area, but they have already seen some backup in the drainage pipes in the area due to the dam.

According to Roy, the trapper believes that they should be able to do the work in 10- to-14 days. The town's permit is only for 10 days, but it could be extended if needed.

The beaver or beavers will be trapped and killed, rather than moved. According to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, it is against state law to release beaver into another area. Moving wildlife is harmful to both people and wildlife populations.

According to the Beaver Solutions' Website, when animals are removed from their home areas, they suffer and die. Relocating the beaver can just transfer the problem to someone else's property and can contribute to the spread of wildlife disease.

Beaver can be trapped during the open season, Nov. 1 – April 15 only by licensed trappers. A permit is required to trap beaver outside of the open season.

Cefalo said he is sensitive to issue, but just wants to make sure that the population is controlled.

"I'm an animal lover and I'm not trying to eliminate them all together. It's just something that needs to be controlled," he said. "The town has established that it's a problem and they understand that it's detrimental to the town."

Cefalo said he wants to work with the town on making it easier to deal with the beavers if they come back. He said he is willing to grant the town an easement onto 8 to 10 feet of his property.

"That would give them the authority to come onto the easement and have access to the brook so if they had to do anything they would have the right," he said.
Town Manager, Kate Fitzpatrick said the town will follow up on Cefalo's gesture of granting the easement.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!