Tell Joseph Solana to Stop Promoting Pigeon Shoots

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Originally Posted: 25 Jan 2011

Tell Joseph Solana to Stop Promoting Pigeon Shoots

FROM Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)


Tell Joseph Solana who owns Carlton Pools and Wing Pointe canned hunting resort to STOP pigeon shoots.

Joseph Solana
c/o Carlton Pools Corporate Headquarters
415 Constance Drive
Warminster PA 18974
phone (215) 674-8185
fax (215) 674-9218


 c/o Wing Pointe Resort
1414 Moselem Springs Road
Hamburg PA 19526
phone (610) 562-6962
fax (610) 562-6999


SHARK has documented the horrors of pigeon shoots at the Wing Pointe canned hunting resort in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

The owner of Wing Pointe is Joseph Solana Jr. Mr. Solana also owns Carlton Pools. In fact, in the Business Entity Filing for Wing Pointe, the address Solana used for the president of Wing Pointe is the exact same address as the headquarters of Carlton Pools.

SHARK has documented live pigeon shoots at Joseph Solana's Wing Pointe property for the past two months. During this time we have found live, wounded birds simply thrown away amongst mass piles of dead birds, and we have also rescued wounded birds that Wing Pointe abandoned to die in the elements after holding a live pigeon shoot.

Mr. Solana's Wing Pointe Resort not only holds live pigeon shoots - Mr. Solana is also a participant in these cruel events.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!