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Originally Posted: 13 Feb 2011

Support Washington State Proposed Shark Fin Ban

[Ed. Note: VICTORY, May 2011: State of Washington Passes Shark Protection Legislation.]

FROM  Shark Savers


Take action to support the passage of a Washington State bill that prohibits the possession of trade in shark fins, similar to the groundbreaking Hawaii law. Text of SB 5688.

Written testimony can be sent to the Members of the Natural Resources & Marine Waters Committee. Testimony should be addressed to Senator Kevin Ranker, chairman of the Natural Resources and Marine Waters committee. And it should be sent to ALL committee members.

Senator Kevin Ranker [email protected]
Senator Debbie Regala [email protected]
Senator Bob Morton [email protected]
Senator Jim Hargrove [email protected]
Senator Val Stevens [email protected]
Senator Dan Swecker [email protected]

Please also cc your testimony to the committee staffer, Curt Gavigan [email protected]   and our colleague at the Humane Society, Iris Ho [email protected] , so that we can track the testimonies in case the committee has any follow-up questions.


Shark finning is the practice of slicing off the shark's fins while the shark is still alive and throwing the rest of its body back into the ocean where it can take days to die what must be an agonising death. Some sharks starve to death, others are slowly eaten by other fish, and some drown, because sharks need to keep moving to force water through their gills for oxygen.


Earlier this week, the Washington state legislature introduced a bill to ban the shark fin trade. This bill prohibits the possession of trade in shark fins, similar to the groundbreaking Hawaii law. The text of SB 5688 can be seen here.

The legislation is moving with lightning speed. A public hearing is scheduled for this coming Monday, Feb 14, 1:30pm PST in the Natural Committee Resources Hearing Room (Rm 2 J.A. Cherberg Building Olympia, WA). The notice of the agenda may be seen here.

If you live in Washington and can appear in person to provide testimony, please do. No matter where you live, your emailed testimony can make a great difference in encouraging the senators to act in favor of this bill.

If you would be able to go to the hearing to testify in person, this would have the most impact. If this is possibility, contact us. We'll be happy to help you prepare a statement or even prepare one for you to read.

Please feel free to use all or part of the following letter, modify it or write your own.

Subject: In support SB 5688 Concerning Shark Finning Activities

Honorable members of the Senate,

As a longtime advocate for the health of our oceans and out planet, I respectfully submit this testimony in support of Senate Bill 5688.

Sharks are vital to maintaining balance in our oceans, and the unsustainable trade in shark fins is driving many shark species to the brink of extinction. Washington now has the opportunity to take a stand against this destruction.

Please vote in support of SB 5688. The world and future generations will thank you.

Thank you very much for considering my testimony. I sincerely hope that you will give your full support to Senate Bill 5688.

Best Regards,

If you are a Washington resident, please say so in your letter.

Thank you very much for supporting this important legislation to protect sharks!


Thank you for everything you do for animals!