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Originally Posted: 17 Feb 2011

Protect the Land of Peace Between People, Nature and Animals

FROM  International Gabriele Foundation

ACTION This amazing place is threatened by a senseless traffic project that would destroy everything. Please sign the petition and forward!

When the farmers, who work with the Gabriele Foundation began to farm years ago without the use of animals and without manure and slurry, they did this first of all for the sake of the animals, which they did not want to slaughter. Only a few sensed that this should soon be for the sake of humans as well: that this peaceable cultivation of grain, vegetables and fruit would become the crucial point of a healthy food production.

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The goal of the International Gabriele Foundation is to create habitats for animals in which they can lead a life worthy of free creatures of God. According to their species, they should be able to move freely and in peace, without fear of being persecuted and tortured, in a growing positive connection to people, who approach them with help and care, who show them respect, appreciation and friendship in their feelings, thoughts and the selfless deed.

This site wants to acquaint you with a work that links heaven and earth with each other. Perhaps as an "enlightened contemporary" you find this somewhat utopian. For the world in which we live heaven is far away and God is full of mysteries, insofar as one believes in Him at all. We prefer to seek without Him the solution to the problems of our civilization that are growing worse and worse, exclusively with earthly prescriptions, above all of a natural-science-technical kind.

The goals of these farmers were admittedly set quite high from the very beginning: They wanted the production of a high-quality and healthier food product that is in full harmony with the life of nature. No one should have to die through it – not the animals in the barns, or in the pastures, or even the microorganisms in the top layer of the soil. For this reason, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or manure and slurry manures are used. Fertilizing is done only with pure natural substances and minerals. The soil is loosened as gently as possible – principally using grubbers, and partly with flat ploughs, as well.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!