Vanity Fair Must be "Fair" to Animals

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Originally Posted: 1 March 2011

Vanity Fair Must be "Fair" to Animals

FROM  Big Cat Rescue


Let Vanity Fair know that you will not buy their magazine, you will not be a customer of the products they advertise, as long as they continue promoting animal abuse by using wild animals in their ads.

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We’ve alerted you before that Vanity Fair magazine has been featuring baby leopards and lions in their fashion advertisements. Now, they’ve gone even further.

Vanity Fair's March 2011 “Hollywood issue” cover is a wide shot of many Hollywood glamour stars - and one lonely lion cub being bottle fed. If you look closely at this cover, you’ll realize that there is absolutely no reason for this baby lion to be included in this mayhem. This is purely for shock value – an attention grabber.

You can watch the stars being interviewed about the shooting of this cover in a video at:

Anthony Mackie boasted the best part of the photo shoot was the lion cub. Rashida Jones, who posed bottle feeding the cub, claimed “she’s suffering for her art” in an uncomfortable gown. But, what about the lion cub involved. What about his suffering?

An interview with super producer Peter Guber on page 261 shows him posing in a suit with a full grown tiger on a leash.....for no reason at all.

According to USDA regulations, you can only have contact with a lion cub between the ages of 8-12 weeks old. What are the implications of this? Since the time they can be used is so short and because advertising campaigns using big cats is becoming more popular, all of this leads to an explosion in breeding these animals to fill the demand.

Even if they appear to be well treated on the set, what happens when they leave, when they grow, when they become dangerous? USDA rules allow an owner to keep a big cat in a concrete-floored, chain link jail cell not much bigger than a parking space – for the rest of their life! Thousands of people throughout this country are licensed to own these animals, make money off these animals, yet enforcement resources for the minimal standards are very limited. The cats frequently end up languishing in substandard cages for 20+ years, just so an advertiser can get that one shot that may grab some attention.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!