Help Stop the Catastrophic Kimberley Gas Hub

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Originally Posted: 7 March 2011

Help Stop the Catastrophic Kimberley Gas Hub

FROM Sea Turtle Restoration Project


The new deadline is March 28 to send a message to Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett and the Environmental Protection Authority to reject the flawed environmental claims that benefit only oil companies and will destroy breeding grounds of the Flatback Turtles.

Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett
c/o Environmental Protection Authority
Attention: Warren Tacey
Locked Bag 33
Cloisters Square
Western Australia, 6850 Australia

Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke
Government of Australia
Parliament House
Canberra, ACT Australia


Australia has its very own Dick Cheney. His name is Colin Barnett and he is the Premier of Western Australia. He wants to leave a legacy of oil and gas profits and do so at the expense of the wild and sacred Kimberley.

He doesn't seem to care much about Australia's own flatback sea turtle. In fact, the turtle sections of the gas hub environmental review conclude that this massive industrial project won't do any harm to the little-known sea turtles that breed, feed and migrate along the Kimberley coast.

Please help us support the Australians on the front lines of this battle and bombard Premier Barnett and his environmental authority with letters and emails opposing the gas hub at James Price Point in the Kimberley.


I am writing to urge you to reject the findings of the environmental review of the proposed natural gas refinery at James Price Point in the Kimberley of Western Australia. The Strategic Assessment fails to adequately consider or prevent the irreversible environmental, social and economic harm that this fossil fuel project will impose on this unspoiled and sacred corner of Australia.

The Kimberley coast is recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world and is highly inappropriate for an industrial development such as the gas hub proposed by Woodside Pty Ltd. and its partners BP, Shell, Chevron and BHP Billiton. Your own studies predict that the natural gas project will destroy globally significant sea turtle, whale, dugong and bird habitat that can never be replaced. It will ruin red rock landscapes and songlines sacred to Aboriginal people.

Visitors to Australia will avoid the Kimberley if this project is allowed - particularly after an accident or spill, as we've seen in the Gulf of Mexico.

The gas hub will not only have negative impacts on the coastal and marine environments but will also dramatically increase carbon pollution and pump up noxious and toxic gas emissions into the air.

I ask that you re-evaluate the many negative environmental, social and economic impacts this gas hub would have and reject this short-sighted and unsound project.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!