Tell Lanvin Using Fur and Taxidermy for Ads is Inhumane

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Originally Posted: 8 March 2011

Tell Lanvin Using Fur and Taxidermy for Ads is Inhumane

FROM  Big Cat Rescue


Tell Lanvin that using fur in their "fashions AND using the corpses of wild animals in their ads are unacceptable.

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Lanvin’s Pre-Fall 2011 photo spread is shocking, to say the least. Not only does the collection feature dead fur “fashion” ON the models, it features models posing with some of the dead furbearing animals still exploited for fur.

In Lanvin’s latest advertising campaign showcasing the fur and clothing in their collection, models are photographed with taxidermy specimens of a tiger, a mountain lion, a black leopard, a polar bear, and a wolf on leashes.

Of course, we look forward to the day that fur will not be a part of the fashion industry at all. The agony and torture furbearing animals suffer on fur “farms” is indescribable. It’s important that consumers stand up to the fashion industry by refusing to buy anything using fur, as well as any store selling fur.

For Lanvin to pose models with taxidermy specimens of these dead animals is, quite literally, adding insult to injury. Wild animals are not photo props, dead or alive. Lanvin is, not only promoting the cruel slaughter of animals for their fur, they’re promoting the inhumane use of animals every way possible – all in the name of profit.

Please take a moment to let Lanvin know that you are shocked at how low they have stooped with this latest advertising campaign.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!