Tell Minnesota Legislators Your Concerns About House File No. 1369

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Originally Posted: 8 April 2011

Tell Minnesota Legislators Your Concerns About House File No. 1369

[Ed. Note: Read Minnesota Bill Targets Anyone Who Exposes an “Image or Sound” of Animal Suffering at Factory Farms, Puppy Mills for further details. The more power animal-abusing corporations gain, and the more power they have in city, county, state and federal legislations, the more animal activists are threatened with penalties for exposing their greed, their violence and their lack of regard for LIFE!]

FROM  Green Is The New Red


New legislation (House File No. 136) proposed in Minnesota attempts to crack down on activists who have exposed repeated animal welfare violations. Among its provisions, the bill targets anyone who documents an “image or sound” of animal suffering in a sweeping list of “animal facilities,” including factory farms, animal experimentation labs, and puppy mills.

And the people behind it? Representative Rod Hamilton, for instance, is past president of the Minnesota Pork Producers, and a current member.

If you’d like to voice your concern to the supporters of this bill:

Dean Urdahl (R), 651-296-4344, [email protected]
Paul Anderson (R), 651-296-4317, [email protected]
Tony Cornish (R), 651-296-4240, [email protected]
Greg Davids (R), 651-296-9278, [email protected]
Bob Dettmer (R), 651-296-4124, [email protected]
Rod Hamilton (R), 651-296-5373, [email protected]


The bill also includes parallel provisions for “crop operation interference,” “crop operation tampering,” and “crop operation fraud.”

All of this, of course, is part of a continued campaign by these corporations, and the politicians who represent them, to attack and silence their opponents. Groups like Mercy For Animals, PETA, Compassion Over Killing, and the Humane Society have repeatedly exposed systemic animal welfare violations in factory farms and other facilities. When people learn want goes on in these facilities, and see for themselves, they change what they buy. It’s a serious and effective threat to corporate profits.

Not surprisingly, this bill includes provisions for civil recovery and equitable relief, so that corporations can force activists to compensate them for any revenue lost due to the exposure of their violence.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!