Let "Smoke" Through!
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Originally Posted: 12 April 2011

Let "Smoke" Through!

[Ed. Note: VICTORY as of May 2011: SPCA International won travel release to allow Smoke to become the first animal Transport from Iraq into Turkey since the War in Iraq Started. After release from quarantine, Smoke will settle in Nebraska where the Donkey will live and help an organization founded by Ret. Marine Col. John Folsom, Wounded Warriors Family Support, as a rehabilitation therapy animal.  THANK YOU for your actions to let Smoke through.]

[Ed. Note: To learn more about Smoke, please read Smoke...From Iraq to Therapy Donkey?]

FROM  SPCA International (SPCAI)


Tell the Turkish Deputy Minister of Agriculture to let Smoke enter Turkey so the journey to Smoke's new home in Nebraska can move forward.

Smoke is a very special donkey that befriended U.S. Marines during their tour of duty in Iraq. SPCA International has been working with Ret. Col. John Folsom to get Smoke out of Iraq to a new home in Nebraska so Smoke can become rehabilitation, therapy donkey.

On Friday, April 08, 2011, with Smoke just a hoof from the Turkish boarder, the Turkish Deputy Minister of Agriculture changed his mind and refused to give approval for Smoke to enter Turkey. A flight out of Turkey is this donkey’s only gateway to the United States. Smoke is safe, but now the SPCAI team is working to reverse this decision and get Smoke the consent needed to move into Turkey and fly to the U.S.


Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:


Remember Smoke the donkey? [Smoke...From Iraq to Therapy Donkey?]

Retired Marine Colonel John Folsom emailed you in February about bringing his buddy Smoke from Iraq to Nebraska to be a therapy donkey for wounded warriors. We received resounding support from animal lovers like you.

Today, I must urgently ask for your help again. Smoke is stuck.

I knew his journey would be dangerous and fraught with risks. But, I never thought I'd be writing you today. Frankly, I wish I didn't have to.

Last week, Smoke started his trip from Iraq to Nebraska.

We carefully planned every step of the trip. First, we'd drive Smoke across the border into Turkey and then north to Istanbul where he'd fly to Paris and on to New York.

As I write you, the Turkish government is denying Smoke entrance. The Deputy Turkish Minister of Agriculture changed his mind and told us Smoke cannot pass.

There's no time to waste. SPCAI staff is on their way to Turkey to try to persuade the Ministry to reverse their decision. We need to show them how important Smoke is. He was there for our Armed Forces in Iraq. It's our turn to be there for him.

Will you sign this petition right now telling the Turkish government to "Let Smoke Through!"?

Your signature will help us make the case to the Turkish officials. I know if we band together, we can change their minds!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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