Pzazz Resort Hotel is Hosting Cruel Tiger Cub Exhibit

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Originally Posted: 16 April 2011

Pzazz Resort Hotel is Hosting Cruel Tiger Cub Exhibit

FROM  Big Cat Rescue


Tell Pzazz Resort Hotel in Burlington, Iowa to end their tiger cub exhibit. Despite Big Cat Rescue's urgent pleas to stop this abuse of the cubs and explain to them why this is abuse, they became very angry and defensive of their bad decision.

General Manager
Rob Higgins
email Rob

Director of Sales & Marketing
Brian Fleming
email Brian

Pzazz Resort Hotel
3001 Winegard Drive
Burlington, IA 52601
phone (866) 792-9948
phone (319) 237-1209
fax (319) 237-1253


An tiger cub petting exhibit is scheduled at the casino April 17, 2011.

Joe Schreibvogel, the exhibitor, is an incessant breeder of big cats. He rips the cubs from their mothers a few days after birth, a torment for both the cubs and the mother. Then he and his associates, operating under multiple business names, cart the cubs in a semi-trailer around the Midwest, setting up cages in malls and casinos and charging people to pet them. He claims he is “forced” to do this to make money to support the 1400 animals he has on 16 acres at his Oklahoma zoo. But, real rescuers of animals do not torment some to support others. Meanwhile, the 23 of his cubs who died in 2010 are the subject of an ongoing USDA investigation.

When Schreibvogel’s exhibit was at Mounds Mall last October, cubs were sick with violent diarrhea. Instead of taking them off exhibit so they could rest and recover, his staff just followed them around with towels, then wiped the poor cubs’ tender bottoms with the same towel they had just used to wipe the floor, as the poor cubs screamed in pain. You can see video of this awful abuse, and learn more about Schreibvogel, at TigerCubAbuse.com.

What happens to cute cubs used to make money by people like Schreibvogel after they are too big and dangerous to use this way? Most spend their entire lives in small concrete and chain link cells, often in horrible conditions. USDA rules allow keeping a 500 pound tiger for its entire life in an area about the size of a parking space.

To stop this abuse, malls and casinos need to know that it offends more people than it draws!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!