Be One of the Million Against the Badger Cull

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Originally Posted: 22 April 2011

Be One of the Million Against the Badger Cull

[Ed. Note: Once again, a wild animal, native to a region for millenia, must be "eliminated" for the interference they cause to raising domestic livestock so people can continue to eat cows and sheep. Again...going vegan is about LIFE, not just what you eat. If you want to see dogs hunting badgers (one "cull" method), watch the video on the League Against Cruel Sport's site.]

FROM  League Against Cruel Sports


League of Cruel Sports needs 100,000 signatures to start a debate in parliament on the proposed badger cull...but we think that's too easy so we want a million.

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The League opposes the proposed badger cull on two main grounds.

Firstly, a cull would fly in the face of scientific evidence about how to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis, and could even exacerbate the problem.

And secondly, authorising a cull would create a new bloodsport by licencing the shooting of badgers for gun-toting volunteers.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!