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Originally Posted: 24 April 2011

Tell Android to Block "Dog Wars" App



This app makes a game out of dog fighting. Android, owned by Google, shouldn't be allowing this type of app in its market. Tell Android/Google to block "Dog Wars" and stop condoning animal cruelty by profiting from a "dog fighting" game.

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In "Dog Wars" (by Kage Games, LLC), an app for Android smartphones, you can feed, water, train and fight dogs. This app makes a game out of dog fighting -- celebrating cruelty against animals and contributing to the attitude that there's nothing wrong with using animals in bloodsports. This type of media fuels animal abuse and breed specific legislation, which costs innocent dogs their lives.

The company attacks people who are offended by this app by saying "It is just a video game." But they also tweeted the following: "#DogWars gametip: steroids will help you get stronger but just like real life you still gotta train for max effect."

One dedicated player created a video of tips, such as using the guns in the game for protection in police raids. The video also includes photos of dogs tagged with known fighting lines and puppies for sale.

Dog fighting is a felony across all 50 states. "Dog Wars" promotes violence and creates a virtual community for a very real crime. Like many sites, Android Market's policies don't specifically address animal cruelty, but do state: "Android Market should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities."

Thank you for everything you do for animals!