Horse Meat on the Menu on Top Chef Canada

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Originally Posted: 11 May 2011

Horse Meat on the Menu on Top Chef Canada

[Ed. Note: Ever wonder what a horse slaughterhouse looks like? Watch Horse Slaughterhouse and Race Horses Slaughtered in Japan.]

FROM  Fund for Horses


Tell the TV show, Top Chef Canada, that you are disgusted that they will be featuring horse meat on an upcoming episode. Encourage them to display their talents for vegan cooking that will save both humans AND other-than-human animals.

Contact via their website

Email them - [email protected] 

You can also post comments on Food Network Canada's Facebook page at referencing the Top Chef Canada May 16th show using horse meat. We understand that they are deleting comments as quickly as they are posted, so you may wish to keep re-posting.

If you have a Twitter account, tweet your comments @TopChefCanada @FoodNetworkCA. A number of tweeters are including #boycott. We leave that to your discretion.


Food Network Canada is airing an episode of Top Chef Canada on "French Cuisine" where competing chefs will be preparing horse meat. The program is due to air May 16th.

If this offends you, please let them know how you feel about their use of horse meat, the horrors of slaughter that produces the meat, and the scientifically tested and proven toxic residues potentially carcinogenic to humans that exists in it.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!