Stop Guzoo Animal Farm Taxidermy Slaughter

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Originally Posted: 9 June 2011

Stop Guzoo Animal Farm Taxidermy Slaughter

FROM Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety (CAAWPS) / ZooCheck Canada


Petition the ASPCA to lay charges against Mr. Gustafson, due to violations of animal cruelty laws under the Animal Protection Act and to prevent him from killing the animals. After GuZoo Animal Farm's zoo license was NOT renewed by the Alberta government, the owner has threatened to euthanize many of the animals for taxidermy purposes in order to "recoup his investment."

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Tell the Alberta Sustainable Resources Development to revoke the Guzoo’s temporary operating license.

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For 22 years GuZoo Animal Farm has operated a “roadside zoo” plagued with a multitude of serious problems. Where both domestic and exotic animals are housed in deplorable conditions, lacking potable water, proper diet, shelter from extreme temperatures, and devoid of the opportunity to live a full and enriched life. June 1st 2011, the Alberta Government finally took the important step of refusing to renew GuZoo's zoo license after it carried out a two month, independent third party investigation. Upon inspecting 108 elements of the Alberta Zoo Standards, inspectors found deficiencies in all categories.

The owner of GuZoo, Mr. Gustafson, both during and after the investigation, threatened to euthanize many of the animals at GuZoo for taxidermy purposes in order to recoup his investment. The slaughter of these animals is not necessary, as many organizations including the Alberta Government, ZooCheck Canada, and CAAWPS are working hard to relocate them to accredited sanctuaries and rescues. ZooCheck Canada has even generously offered to pay for all transportation costs associated with relocating the animals.

Quotes from Guzoo owner Lynn Gustafson before and after the closing:

"That lion is worth $10,000 to taxidermy, and if that's what these people want -- that's what they'll get."

“A taxidermist offered to do one of every one of my species that had to go. I thought, ‘Why not?’ ” Lynn Gustafson said. “That’s what we had them for all these years.”

We are petitioning the ASPCA to lay charges against Mr. Gustafson, so they may seize the animals and ensure they are not euthanized for profit. Laying charges against Mr. Gustafson will also prevent him from opening another zoo housing only uncontrolled domestic animals, thus not allowing this cycle of neglect to continue. In the wake of the closure, Gustafson has remarked: “This is the wonder of their whole setup: I have to get rid of every animal, but then I can start over again.”

Thank you for everything you do for animals!