Boycott Geico for Sponsoring Rodeos

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Originally Posted: 20 June 2011

Boycott Geico for Sponsoring Rodeos

[Ed: Note: As of July 2012, SHARK announces: "Geico is no longer listed as a rodeo sponsor on the PRCA website, and it appears that they are not supporting any rodeos this year."

at Geico does not appear to be sponsoring any rodeos.]

[Ed. Note: Action Alert from The National Humane Education Society: Tell Geico to End Rodeo Sponsorships...Ride 'em Gecko (August 2011).]

FROM Showing Animal Respect and Kindness (SHARK) /


Please let GEICO's CEO Tony Nicely know what you think about the company's support of rodeo cruelty. "We are proud to be partnering with the PRCA and the exciting world of ProRodeo," said Ted Ward, GEICO vice president."

Tony Nicely
CEO, Geico
Email: [email protected]

GEICO Communications Department
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, D.C. 20076
Geico's online email form


GEICO insurance is partnering with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). Rodeos are vicious and cruel, however, GEICO thinks it's just another way to promote themselves.

From their press release:

"We are proud to be partnering with the PRCA and the exciting world of ProRodeo," said Ted Ward, GEICO vice president."

If by exciting you mean the vicious and bloody torture of animals, then that's rodeo in a nutshell.

The irony is that GEICO sees this as a way to promote their characters (they even have a picture of their gecko wearing a cowboy hat on the PRCA website).

The problem of course is that the Gecko is an animal, and we all know how animals are treated in rodeos.

If GEICO really wants to portray their Gecko at the rodeo, then SHARK believes the illustrations to the right (based on actual images of animals abused at rodeos), present a far more accurate reality.

Thank you to all of you for contacting GEICO insurance about their idiotic marketing partnership with the rodeo front group the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association, better known as the PRCA (although the PRCA should really stand for Pathetic Rodeo Cruelty Association).

Since this is a long-term campaign - and SHARK has now launched a new website called On the site are the three parody illustrations showing just how the GEICO gecko would fare if he was used in a rodeo. We may add more as time goes on, so check it out and pass it along.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!