End Dog Racing on Macau:
Nearly 400 Dogs Killed Every Year

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Originally Posted: 2 July 2011

End Dog Racing on Macau:
Nearly 400 Dogs Killed Every Year



Send a strong message to Macau's leadership today and urge them to end dog racing.

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The peninsula of Macau is home to a single dog track called the Canidrome. At the Canidrome, nearly 400 greyhounds are put to death every year.

According to the Macau Daily Times, dogs race four times a week. If they finish outside the top three in five races in a row, they are destroyed. The head of Macau's animal control department has stated that every greyhound arriving at the track is dead within three years. An average of thirty new dogs arrives each month from Australia.

Please sign our petition to end this cruelty now.

In 2007, a draft animal cruelty law was presented to the public for comment and consideration, but the Macau legislature never took it up. In fact, there are no laws in place to prevent the wanton killing of these gentle dogs.

As long as greyhound racing continues, greyhounds will suffer. According to information provided by Greytexploitations, Macau's 800 dogs spend most of their brief lives in cages stacked two high, and when they race, they are watched by a "pitifully small crowd …who pay an entrance fee of less than €1" to sit in the stands.

This senseless activity must end. Please join with GREY2K USA and animal protection groups around the world to call for an end to dog racing in Macau.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!