Tell Westfield Malls To Stop Supporting Cole Brothers Circus

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Originally Posted: 15 July 2011

Tell Westfield Malls To Stop Supporting Cole Brothers Circus

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)


Tell Westfield Group Managing Director Peter Lowy to make sure that Cole Brothers Circus, or any circus that uses animals, will never again be welcome at their mall properties.

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Peter Lowy, Managing Director
Westfield Group
11601 Wilshire Boulevard, 11th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90025
phone (310) 478 4456
fax (310) 478 1267


Westfield Malls in many locations across the Eastern Seaboard have been and will be hosting the Cole Brothers Circus on mall property. The circus is now at the Westfield South Shore in Bayshore, New York.

Cole Bros. Circus shows gross indifference to the welfare of its animals and threatens public safety by displaying dangerous wild animals under inadequate control and conditions, including:

  • Using an elephant to give rides and perform who has a history of escaping.
  • Using an elephant handler, John Walker III,who has a grievous history of elephant abuse and neglect, including causing physical harm, failure to provide veterinary care to suffering elephants, and unsafe public contact. His record is so bad that he cannot be licensed to exhibit animals and must exploit a loophole in federal law that allows him to operate under another license.
  • Turning a blind eye as Walker has repeatedly been caught on video abusing the elephants with a bullhook and endangering children and families by paying insufficient attention to elephants giving rides.
  • Using an unlicensed tiger act and hiring a tiger trainer last year who did not have sufficient experience with dangerous wild animals to be granted a U.S. Department of Agriculture license.

No corporation should support a traveling business with such a history of contempt for laws intended to protect people and animals, and no mall should expose the public to this danger.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!