Kosher Is Not Cruelty-Free. Stop Gratuitous Suffering.

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Originally Posted: 16 July 2011

Kosher Is Not Cruelty-Free. Stop Gratuitous Suffering.

FROM Kinship Circle


Tell Israel Chief Rabbi to reject shackling-hoisting slaughter method.

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Photo courtey of PETA

And/Or make direct contact:

Rabbi Yona Metzger
Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel
Beit Yahav
80 Yirmiyahu Street
POB 36, Jerusalem
fax 011-972-2-5377872
email: [email protected]


In a perfect world, cows wouldn’t be consumed in the first place. During this lifetime, we must demand that animals killed for food be spared gratuitous pain and suffering. Israel’s Chief Rabbi has failed to uphold a promise to reject shackling and hoisting. Some 80 percent of Israel’s imported kosher meat begins in South America with alert cows chained upside down by one leg. Muscles and tendons rip apart as the terrified cow dangles for minutes...

Thank you for everything you do for animals!