Stop rodeos at Beijing Olympic stadium

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Originally Posted: 15 August 2011

Stop rodeos at Beijing Olympic stadium

[Ed. Note: Also take action at Keep U.S. Styled Rodeos Out of China.]

FROM AnimalsAsia


Rodeo China is a component of the China-US cultural exchange program jointly hosted by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China International Friendship Cities Association (CIFCA), the National Stadium and Less Is Forever More Inc. (LIFM), and produced by ZZYX Entertainment. The rodeo will be staged in Beijing October 3-10, 2011.

We cannot allow these cowboys to move their “sport” to China.

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Animals Asia has been made aware of plans to bring “rodeos” to Beijing.

Beijing TV is reportedly advertising a rodeo performance due to take place at the Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium from 3 – 10 October, during the Chinese National Day holidays. Reports suggest this event will bring pure “American Culture” into China and will let the Chinese enjoy an exciting “Western American Cowboy” performance.

Animals Asia believe rodeos are a cruel form of entertainment and do not wish to see them being promoted within China. The following information has been provided by the Chinese Animal Protection Network:

A rodeo stadium was built in the Daxing District of Beijing in 2004 but, due to complaints from several congress representatives and many animal lovers, Daxing governors stopped the rodeo.

Today, after seven years, the cowboys appear to be planning again to come to China.

The rodeo is a cruel sport, with bulls being tortured for entertainment. An American vet with 30 years experience said: “I saw bulls and calves being sent to the meat manufacture after, all of them badly injured all over their bodies. They were bruised all over, some animals had six or eight ribs broken, and the lungs of many of them were punctured through.”

Cowboys also lasso calves causing severe injuries such as paralysis, broken bones and throat and neck injuries. While running at speeds of up to 27 miles per hour, calves are lassoed around the neck, jerked off their feet and slammed to the ground. Many of them die instantly but others have also become paralyzed from severe spinal cord injuries, and their tracheas have been totally or partially severed, causing them to die slowly in great pain.

During the rodeo, the horses are treated cruelly as well, with riders using whips to force the horse to jump high, which causes them to get scared and also badly injured. The cowboy rodeo is not a sport. It is cruel and humiliating to all of the animals that are forced to participate, and as a result many states in the US have banned this cruel “sport.” We cannot allow these cowboys to move their “sport” to China.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!