End Wholesale Slaughter Of British Columbia Wolves

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Originally Posted: 27 August 2011

End Wholesale Slaughter Of British Columbia Wolves

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Ask the BC government to retool their violent wolf plan with nonlethal strategies to: Preserve wolf habitat; stop wolf hunting/trapping; replace killing and sterilization with site-specific humane programs; and fund education drives to decrease human-wolf conflicts.

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In British Columbia a no-quota, all-year wolf hunt has begun. It overlaps whelping season as females nurse pups. Baiting is permitted. The government will go to any length to appease livestock interests — even though wolves statistically account for a marginal loss of farmed animals. In the same region, an experiment is underway to sterilize and kill wolves so hunters have more caribou and elk to shoot. BC wolves are under attack, just like western gray wolves in the U.S.

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