Help Stop Cockfighting in San Diego County

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Originally Posted: 2 September 2011

Help Stop Cockfighting in San Diego County

FROM United Poultry Concerns (UPC)


A backlash from cockfighters and their supporters could derail efforts to pass a strong, anti-cockfighting ordinance in San Diego County. We can’t let San Diego County become a mecca for cockfighting. Your calls and emails are needed!

The ordinance must be voted on again on September 13th.

Please don’t let the cockfighters and their allies succeed in scuttling protections for roosters abused in cockfights. Please contact the following supervisors by phone, email, fax or letter and ask them to support the proposed rooster ordinance targeted to deter cockfighting.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors
County Administration Building
1600 Pacific Hwy
Room 335
San Diego CA 92101

Supervisor Ron Roberts
(619) 531-5544
(619) 531-6262 fax
[email protected]

Supervisor Greg Cox
(619) 531-5511
(619) 235-0844 fax
[email protected]

Supervisor Bill Horn
(619) 531-5555
[email protected]

Supervisor Dianne Jacob
(619) 531-5522
(619) 696-7253 fax
[email protected]

Supervisor Pam Slater Price
(619) 531-5533
(619) 234-1559 fax
[email protected]


Last month the San Diego Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to pass an ordinance that would limit the number of roosters one could own to between 2 and 20, depending on the size of your property. (Commercial poultry operations, 4H and Future Farmers of America projects are exempted.) The ordinance would also prohibit tethering roosters, which is the way most cockfighting operations confine their birds.

SAMPLE LETTER (Send separate letters to each Supervisor and use your own words!)

Dear Supervisor XXXX

I am writing in support of the County’s proposed rooster ordinance. Cockfighting is fairly prevalent in San Diego County as well as in California as a whole. Although it is impossible to please everyone and impossible to stop all cockfighting in our County, I feel this approach is fair and reasonable. Cockfighters are known to ally themselves with legitimate hobbyists making it very difficult to affect one without affecting the other. The ordinance is clear in its intent to target cockfighting while also reducing the noise caused by roosters kept by cockfighters. Please don’t be duped by those who actively oppose this ordinance and hide behind terms like “rescue,” “hobbyists,” “breeders,” etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your name

Thank you for everything you do for animals!