Tell Super 8 Hotels to END their Sponsorship of Rodeos

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Originally Posted: 24 September 2011

Tell Super 8 Hotels to END their Sponsorship of Rodeos

FROM Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)


Tell Super 8 Hotels owned by Wyndham Worldwide to END their Support of rodeos.

And do not use patronize any of the following hotels:

Please contact the following people and politely tell tell them why you will not give one dollar to any Wyndham property as long as they support violent rodeo animal cruelty:

Steve Holmes
Chairman & CEO, Wyndham Worldwide
[email protected]
7 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
phone (973) 753-6100

John Valletta
President, Super 8 Worldwide
[email protected]

Christine Da Silva
Sr. Director, Communications
Wyndham Hotel Group
[email protected]

Alyson Johnson
Vice President, Communications
Wyndham Worldwide
[email protected]


The Super 8 hotel chain has announced that they are sponsoring both the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), so they have doubled down on their sponsorship of animal cruelty.

The PRCA is the front group that desperately tries to mask the brutal nature of rodeos. Thanks to SHARK's numerous videos from PRCA sponsored rodeos, the public knows the truth: rodeos are violent, ugly and completely dishonorable. We haven't hidden our videos - in fact any PR firm looking to sponsor an event would at least do a Google search before they sign the contract. So we can safely assume Super 8 knew exactly what it was doing when it entered into this bloody agreement with the PRCA.

"The Super 8 hotel brand has a great history of supporting the passions and interests of our guests, which is why I couldn't be more excited to launch these newest sponsorships," said John Valletta, president of Super 8, in THIS press release -

Super 8 Signs On for Pro Rodeo Sponsorships

September 22, 2011 Demonstrating a continued commitment to the passions and interests of its guests, the Super 8® hotel brand today announced dual sponsorships of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, PRCA, and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, WPRA.

A long time supporter of professional rodeo events in Canada, the sponsorships are the first of their kind for the Super 8 brand in the United States.

"The Super 8 hotel brand has a great history of supporting the passions and interests of our guests, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to launch these newest sponsorships,” said John Valletta, president of the Super 8 brand. “With over 2,000 hotels, more than any other economy brand in the world, PRCA and WPRA members can rely on Super 8 hotels for clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations when they’re out on the road.”

As a result of the sponsorships, the Super 8 brand will have a major presence on and provide the “Super 8 second clock” during the PRCA’s Xtreme Bulls GAC TV coverage.

“Travel costs, including lodging, are a major expense for our membership,” said PRCA commissioner Karl Stressman. “I’m excited about this partnership with the Super 8 brand because it will help our members save their hard earned money. With its thousands of hotels throughout the U.S., the Super 8 brand has locations near most of our 550 plus sanctioned rodeos. They can be found in big cities as well as small communities—just like the PRCA.”

In addition, the Super 8 brand will have a significant presence at Justin Boots Championships and the WPRA World Finals Rodeo.

“The Super 8 brand is a great match for rodeo as its very family oriented, much like our sport,” said Jimmie Munroe, WPRA president. “I know this will be a great relationship for both organizations.”

There are lots of good, positive things to be passionate about, but beating young calves into the dirty ground should not be one of them.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!