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Originally Posted: 27 September 2011

Help Baby Wildlife in Ontario Canada

FROM Help Baby Wildlife in Canada


It's time for changes in "rules and regulations" that result in thousands of orphaned animals who are left to die in Ontario because of inhumane government regulations that have caused the loss of wildlife rehabilitation services.

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See for videos of abandoned wildlife babies:

Rosie a 5-week old baby raccoon whose mother was killed, was left to die because of government regulations. Thousands of helpless young animals like Rosie, face a cruel and unnecessary death every year because of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources regulations that outlaw responsible and humane help for wildlife, forcing many wildlife rehabilitators out of operation.

The Ministry's heartless advice to people finding an orphan is to "leave the animal there and let nature takes its course."

Help Rosie and thousands of other Ontario orphaned wild animals like those shown in the videos on the right. Please enter your information below and send the attached letter to the four Party leaders running in the Ontario election this fall.


Dear Dalton McGuinty; Tim Hudak; Andrea Horwath; Mike Schreiner

Like many people across this province, I am frustrated and angry by the lack of help for orphaned and injured wildlife.

If this is not the kind of Ontario that you aspire to lead, I ask that you show moral leadership by making a commitment to change the policies of Ministry of Natural Resources bureaucrats who deem it acceptable for orphaned baby animals to suffer and die, when they tell people like me "leave the animal there and let nature take its course".

Ontario's once excellent reputation for progressive wildlife rehabilitation services has been severely compromised, leaving thousands of orphaned baby wild animals to die in this province because of inhumane government regulations that have forced many rehabilitators to close their doors.

Despite promises from the Liberals prior to the 2003 election that they would "reinstate progressive wildlife rehabilitation services in Ontario and develop a new and improved working relationship between government and community volunteers in this regard", things have never been worse for wildlife and for members of the public seeking help on their behalf in this province.

This deplorable state of affairs is entirely unacceptable in Canada in the 21st century, particularly in a province where extensive development is taking such a heavy toll on wildlife.

I want to see a return to humane help for Ontario's wildlife and ask that you support the following very reasonable recommendations to make this happen:

1) Remove the 15-kilometer release restriction for rehabilitated orphaned wildlife that has outlawed responsible and humane help for wildlife in Ontario;

2) Establish a centralized and transparent custodial authorization process that ensures equitable treatment of wildlife rehabilitators and consistent application of standards across the province;

3) Ensure an appeal process so that wildlife rehabilitators have the same redress as others governed by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act;

4) Encourage and support wildlife rehabilitation as a valuable voluntary resource so that members of the public can obtain humane help for wildlife.

Your Party will be asking for my vote in the next few weeks. I respectfully request a reply with regards to this issue and your response to the above recommendations in advance of the election.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!