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Originally Posted: 8 October 2011

As Unwanted Parrots Die, Bird Experts Endorse Breeders-Sellers

[Ed. Note: Please watch Angel's Story - An undercover investigator documents the horrific lack of care for Angel, a baby Cockatoo at Rainbow World Exotics, a small-animal-breeding mill in Texas that supplies birds and small mammals to pet stores.]



Ask the renowned speakers and promoters of Parrot Palooza to exclusively support bird adoption and rescue — not breeding and sales.

Breeders and retailers drive the displaced parrot crisis by making more birds, even as thousands languish in shelters.  As a rule, urge PETCO, PetsMART, and privately owned stores like Bird Paradise to offer BIRD ADOPTION SERVICES instead of bird sales.

Parrot Palooza Speakers:

Lara Joseph
Avian expert, author, speaker
ph: 419-360-1234
email: [email protected]

Sy Montgomery
Print/broadcast author, speaker, conservationist
BCC Framery, 32 Windy Row
Hancock, NH, 03449
ph: 603-525-4300

Dr. Irene M. Pepperberg, Research Associate
Harvard University Psychology Department
William James Hall
33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
ph: 617-495-2852

Dr. Irene M. Pepperberg, Adjunct Associate Professor
Brandeis University Psychology Department
415 South Street, MS 062
Waltham, MA 02454
ph: 781-736-2195
email: [email protected]

Parrot Palooza Promoter, DELCO Bird Club, Inc.:

Erika Scarborough, Vice President-Program Director:
610-626-3579; [email protected]

Francis D. Hilario, Club President:
[email protected]

Flo Clupp, 2nd VP/Fundraising Director:
610-623-3797; [email protected]

Margie Lyon, Secretary:
610-853-9574; [email protected]

Colleen Robinson, Treasurer:
610-0212-6369; [email protected]

Esther Scholz, Outreach Coordinator:
610-446-6427; [email protected]

Roy Kalbs, Senior Member Representative:
[email protected]

Nicolas Golato, Newsletter Editor:
610-0627-4959; [email protected]



They are bird experts and lovers. World-traveled conservationists photographed with animals in their natural habitat. Yet they regularly present at Parrot Palooza, a benefit for Bird Paradise — the self-recognized "World’s Largest Bird Store." We implore them to put their knowledge and acclaim exclusively behind adoption and rescue, not breeding and sales. This is why…

As many as 52-60 million birds may live as "pets" in the U.S.** Shelters take in rejects who survive abuse and neglect only to face euthanasia. Parrots, even confined- bred, are intrinsically wild creatures. Impulse buyers bring unsocialized juveniles home and soon tire of loud, energetic pets with an urge to chew…who can live 80 years with big bills for vet care, cages, toys and a diverse diet.

Over-breeding ultimately leads to throwaway pets, discarded by caregivers unable to fulfill their physical and behavioral requirements. "Their limitations as pets are rarely and poorly taught or followed," writes Stewart Metz of World Parrot Welfare Alliance. "These create unique problems: Their need to chew, loud vocalization, uncanny ability to escape from cages… The overwhelming number of parrots are purchased on impulse without adequate thought."

Impulse-shoppers are commonly tied to what Metz calls Abuse by Omission (inadequate diet, water, air, enclosure space) and Abuse by Comission (beating, confinement in darkness, hypothermic conditions, more physical abuse, killing)., a group that documents avian cruelty, reports parrots dead from starvation, smoke inhalation…and communicable disease, their carcasses heaped in trash bins or freezers.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!