Stop shipping live pigs to Hawaii for slaughter

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Originally Posted: 27 October 2011

Stop shipping live pigs from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii for slaughter

[Ed. Note: For more, read Exporting boatloads of cruelty to Hawaii.]

FROM Leilani Farm Sanctuary


Tell Matson Navigation to STOP its shipments of live pigs from U.S. ports to Hawaii where they are slaughtered for the tourism business...luaus.

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Matson Navigation
phone (510) 628-4000
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Every two weeks, hundreds of pigs are shipped to Hawaii for slaughter, from as far away as Iowa --on a horrendous transcontinental and overseas journey.

Pigs destined to be killed in Hawaii are loaded onto trucks for a grueling journey of seven days or longer across the states to an ocean port in Oakland, California. The pigs suffer stress and exhaustion, rough handling, hunger, thirst, extreme temperatures, and filthy conditions as they are transported alive across this extensive distance.

Once the livestock truck arrives at the port, the pigs wait to be corralled into containers on a Matson ocean freighter. As many as 600 pigs are packed into two containers per shipment and can suffer injuries due to stress-induced aggression. For approximately five days at sea, the animals are forced to live in their own feces, urine and vomit - - even, at times, amid the corpses of other pigs, until the dead animals are thrown overboard by the livestock attendant.

Upon arriving in Honolulu, it is usually several hours before the pigs are unloaded from the ship. They are left suffering in the heat with minimal ventilation before they then travel another hour by truck to the Hawaii Livestock Cooperative slaughterhouse – which has been cited numerous times by the USDA for the inhumane handling and slaughter of animals – where they are slaughtered and processed.

The pigs destined for slaughter on Maui at the Pukalani pig slaughterhouse continue to be confined in Honolulu for another 1-2 days before departure.

Read WSPA’s full report, No Paradise for Pigs (PDF) for more information.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!