Tell President of Chile to Protect Rather than Bulldoze the Oceans

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Originally Posted: 9 November 2011

Tell President of Chile to Protect Rather than Bulldoze the Oceans

FROM Oceana: Protecting the World's Oceans


Speak up now to tell Chile the world is watching out for sea lions, corals, and our oceans. Let them know you support Chile's considering expansion of marine reserves and protecting special areas of their ocean.

Sign an online petition:

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President Piñera
c/o Embassy of Chile, Washington DC
1734 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20036
[email protected]


Dear President Piñera,

I am writing in support of efforts to protect Juan Fernandez and Chile’s incredible sea mountains from bottom trawling. Ruthless and indiscriminant, trawling is a form of fishing that drags huge chains and nets along the bottom of the sea floor, destroying everything in its path. These unique Chilean ecosystems are home to the Juan Fernandez fur seal and many other treasures that draw visitors from around the world.

It would be a shame if bottom trawling destroyed these habitats and the food source that fur seals and other animals depend upon for survival. I encourage you to ban trawling now. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence of what happens when trawlers and sea mountains mix. Sea mountains are ocean oases, providing shelter and food in the open ocean. But they are no match for trawlers. Hundreds-year old corals are flattened in mere minutes. Entire schools of fish are scooped up, leaving little behind for seals, dolphins, and other animals to eat. Life is forever changed with a single pass of a trawler.

Chile is becoming a true leader and inspiration with its recent decisions to create a large protected area at Sala y Gomez and protecting ocean jewels, like the Punta de Choros marine reserve. It would send a wonderful message to the rest of the world if Chile takes this next step for ocean conservation and also ensures that I may someday be able to travel to Chile and to see the incredible wonder that is your sea mountains.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!