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Originally Posted: 5 December 2011

Urge Aveda to Upgrade “Recommendation” to "Corporate Requirement" regarding Rooster Feathers

[Ed. Note: VICTORY,January 2013: THANK Aveda Salons for no longer providing rooster feather hair extensions. Read The Truth About Feather Hair Extensions (April 2012).]

FROM United Poultry Concerns (UPC)


Politely advise Aveda President Dominique Conseil and Aveda’s customer relations people that while you’re glad Aveda has requested its salons to remove “feather extension services” from their retail “menu,” you are not pleased with their refusal to take full corporate responsibility for all products being sold under their name and from which they are profiting.

Aveda has acknowledged, in writing, that the company now knows that feather hair extensions are an animal abuse product. Accordingly, please tell Aveda that until the company adopts an unequivocal policy banning the sale of rooster feathers in all of its spas and salons, in keeping with the company’s “pure flower and plant extracts” image, you will not buy Aveda products and will encourage others to join your boycott. AND PLEASE MEAN IT!


Dominique Conseil, President, AVEDA
4000 Pheasant Ridge Drive
Blaine MN 55449
Customer Service (800) 328-0849
fax (800) 236-4301
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]


Aveda customers have been shocked at seeing rooster feather hair extensions being sold in Aveda salons. They informed United Poultry Concerns after we launched our campaign, this past summer, against “feather hair extensions” glamorized by American Idol host Steven Tyler [Steven Tyler: Stop Wearing Rooster Feather Hair Extensions and Publicize Your Decision]. These feathers are an animal abuse product extracted from thousands of roosters who are hatched, caged, and tortured to death with carbon dioxide to produce these hair ornaments.

Aveda is a beauty care chain which represents itself as a compassionate, eco-friendly vegan company. Trusting Aveda’s message, readers of VegNews magazine voted Aveda “Favorite Hair Care” company in the 2011 Veggie Awards Reader Poll marking 12 Veggie Awards for Aveda.

However, until all rooster feathers are removed from all Aveda spas and salons at Aveda’s corporate insistence, this Veggie Award is NOT ethically justified & compassionate shoppers should boycott Aveda and let them know why.

Responding to our campaign, Aveda has adopted a stance of No Ultimate Responsibility for what is sold in its spas & salons. At the same time, Aveda is now confirming that they “recently became aware of feather extension services being used in our network that we feel do not align with Aveda’s Mission,” and “You will be pleased to learn thatAveda has requested all salons [to] remove feather extension services from their menu.” Here is their current letter:

“Thank you for taking the time to contact Aveda.

“Aveda has always strived to bring wellness and beauty into the lives of our guests, while caring for the world we live in. The Aveda Mission and the way professionals in our network and company employees live it every day is unique in the industry.

“Recently, we became aware of feather extension services being used in our network that we feel do not align with Aveda’s Mission. As each salon and spa that carries our products is independently owned and operated, our role is to serve as their product partner. As partners we work with the salons that carry Aveda with merchandising, business building techniques as well as with cutting-edge education for their stylists and technicians. Each salon operates under their independent policies and procedures, often with the recommendations of the Aveda Corporation, however, final business decisions are their responsibility.

“You will be pleased to learn that Aveda has requested all salons [to] remove feather extension services from their menu. We hope you will feel empowered to bring topics such as this to our attention in the future and sincerely hope you will continue to look to Aveda for all your beauty needs.

“Should you need further assistance, please contact our Consumer Relations team at 800.328.0849 between 8am-5:30pm Central Standard Time to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

For a greener planet
Aveda web relations
[email protected]

Thank you for everything you do for animals!