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Originally Posted: January 13, 2012

Help Send Wanda To A Sanctuary

[Ed. Note: Please read Cows Gone Wild.]

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)


Contact Milford Animal Control Officer and the Supervisor of the Animal Control Division at the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Demand that Wanda be sent to a sanctuary. Tell them the world is watching Milford out of grave concern for the future of a cow who sent a clear message about her desperate desire for freedom. Many other cows who took their fate into their own hands, like Wanda, have been rewarded with sanctuary – and so should she.

Sign an online petition:

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Richard George
Animal Control Officer
Town of Milford
664 East Broadway
Milford, CT 06460
phone (203) 783-3279

Raymond Connors, Supervisor
Animal Control Division
Connecticut Department of Agriculture
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
phone (860) 713-2506
fax (860) 713-2515


In July 2011, an Angus calf escaped from a beef farm into the woods of Milford, Connecticut. Thought to be a bull, he was named “Waldo” in tribute to his elusiveness. The calf took to roaming and grazing with a herd of deer, who managed to warn “Waldo” of a looming capture threat by Milford Animal Control officers.

Farm Sanctuary in New York offered to capture the calf and provide a safe, permanent home. Their calls were never returned, but the Animal Control Officer (ACO) for Milford was quoted in the media as saying that the calf would be sent to a sanctuary when caught, and animal lovers breathed a sigh of relief.

On December 14, worried about the onset of winter, a team of 15 state and local animal control personnel and veterinarians captured the calf, who turned out to be a female. But instead of turning her over to a sanctuary, as promised, Milford Animal Control gave her, now dubbed Wanda, to a commercial farm that officials refuse to identify. The ACO maintains that Wanda will not be slaughtered, but will live out her life at this farm, where apparently there are other cows raised for meat. This means that Wanda will be deprived of companionship as all of her peers will be killed as soon as they are old enough to be eaten. It likely means, too, that she will be bred, and that her calves will be taken away for slaughter – torture for animals so closely bonded with their young.

Despite cries from animal lovers and activists – despite offers of a permanent home among a stable herd from at least two sanctuaries – the Milford ACO refuses to move Wanda.


I am disappointed and saddened to learn that Wanda, the cow who was captured last month after six months of freedom, has been given to a beef farm where cows are raised for meat, despite offers from Farm Sanctuary in New York to provide her with a permanent home. Even if Wanda evades slaughter at this farm, all of her companions will be killed as soon as they are old enough to be eaten. She will likely be bred, and her calves taken away for slaughter this is torture for animals documented to be closely bonded with their young.

Wanda spent six months demonstrating that she yearns for freedom. She deserves better than she has gotten from Milford's animal control office. She deserves a permanent home where she can socialize with others of her species and live out her life in safety and comfort. She deserves sanctuary.

Please take immediate steps to move Wanda to a true sanctuary.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!