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Tell the Coast Guard to STOP Pigeon Shoots along the Delaware River

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Originally Posted: March 26, 2012

Tell the Coast Guard to STOP Pigeon Shoots on the Delaware River

FROM Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) / PA Shame


Please call or email the Commandant of the Coast Guard and politely ask that the Coast Guard not allow the Philadelpha Gun Club (PGC) to hold any more shoots on the Delaware River.

Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.
phone (202) 372-4411
[email protected]

Rear Admiral William "Dean" Lee,
Commander, Fifth Coast Guard District
[email protected]

Meredith L. Austin, Captain of the Port
Sector Delaware Bay
[email protected]


As you will recall, SHARK discovered a letter written by the Coast Guard that said in no uncertain terms that the PGC could not shoot over the Delaware River, a public waterway, without a safety zone.

As the PGC does not have a safety zone, they must not be allowed to hold shoots. It's as simple as that, yet the Coast Guard is doing nothing. That's where you come in.

Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.
phone (202) 372-4411
[email protected]


About pigeon shoots...

Watch Pigeon Shoots and Pigeon Shoot Dead Pile, Some Still Alive

Pigeon shoots are vile competitions where thousands of birds are shot, killed or suffer terrible wounds and crippling pain.

These innocent animals are neither fed nor given water for days before the shooting starts, so that they will be easier targets. Suffering from dehydration and starvation, they are then launched out of small wooden boxes and into a storm of gunfire. Wracked with pain from searing buckshot lacerations, some will twist and fall from the sky with broken wings and backs. Other will escape, though death comes slowly for these poor birds for it may take days for them to succumb to their wounds.

All of this suffering, all of this pain and torture, happens because a few people take pleasure in such blood sport. If we are to call ourselves a civilized society, then we must forever ban live pigeon shoots.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!