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PBS’s Food Forward Series Clings to Backward, Speciesist Worldview of Animals

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Originally Posted: April 1, 2012

PBS’s Food Forward Series Clings to Backward, Speciesist Worldview of Animals

FROM Robert Grillo, Free From Harm


Express your views to to Food Forward creators about their lack of concern for animals. Their presentation that there are "humane" and "sustainable" ways to use, abuse, slaughter cows, chickens, goats, sea life are NOT forward-thinking; it is a step backward for the planet.

Go to Food Forward's Facebook page and comment:

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Unlike the other reviews of the new PBS series Food Forward, I do not see this as a forward-thinking perspective on agriculture. In fact, for its depiction of a more humane animal husbandry (judging from the trailer shown above), I would actually call it a big misstep backward in time. In fact, Food Forward would have us believe that by going back to a simpler more wholesome way of farming animals, we can do right by these animals. Of course anything looks better when compared to the treatment and exploitation of animals on factory farms. But it would be a tragic mistake to use factory farming as a moral benchmark.

Food Forward unfortunately falls into the same predictable speciesist trap as most all of the locavore, sustainable types do. They would have us believe that it’s still okay to use animals in barbaric ways as mankind has done for 10,000 years now as long as we do it on a localized, kindlier and gentler scale—as long as we take the power away from the corporate giants who currently do it. It quickly becomes clear that this supposedly more evolved perspective on agriculture leaves the moral question of our relationship with animals mostly unexamined and left to the tyranny of history.

Furthermore, this view ignores the moral problem with raising animals for the sole purpose of slaughtering them for an unnecessary food source as well as ignoring the slaughter itself, the violent end that must come to all farmed animals. Instead we conclude our moral obligations to animals have been met when in fact we have not yet even begun to address the gap in our consciousness that blocks our awareness about certain species we choose to eat while considering all others as repulsive to eat. 

Thank you for everything you do for animals!