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Say No to Premarin with PremStoppers

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Originally Posted: June 11, 2012

Say No to Premarin with PremStoppers

FROM Int'l. Fund for Horses


Help end the abuse of horses to produce premarin (pregnant mare urine).

We have put together a really cool, specialist group of volunteers called PremStoppers. They are setting appointments and visiting physicians to:

1. Tell them how Premarin is made and its devastating effects on the horses used to make this drug and the people who take it.

2. Hand deliver our Dear Physician letter and ask them not to prescribe Premarin or its generics.

3. Ask doctors to sign on to our Dear Pfizer letter asking the company to develop a safer alternative that does not use dangerous conjugated equine estrogens.

4. Make doctors aware of Aprela, also made by Pfizer using CEE's, currently awaiting FDA approval.

The personal touch has many added benefits and the reason why people choose to lobby one-on-one: because it works.

The cities we have recruited for so far are Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Portland, with more on the way.

PremStopper volunteers are mostly college students, out for the summer, who are working on degrees with careers in medicine their goal. But we some retired nurses too!

Have Your Say

Help personalize this campaign even more.

Please email [email protected] and in a phrase or sentence state why you want doctors to stop prescribing Premarin, something you might put on protest sign for example. 


We are alarmed at what is happening with the PMU industry. Instead of downsizing as they would have us believe, they are actually increasing in sales and production. There seems no end in sight to the abuse and death of the mares and foals used to make these Premarin type drugs.

Watch The Bitter Truth About Premarin.

Note the rigging and catheter tubing attached to each mare.  If you have ever needed to be catheterized, you know how unpleasant it is.  There, horses suffer that way for long periods of time.  If hormone replacement therapy is necessary, use synthetics. 

Thank you for everything you do for animals!