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Tell Namibian Officials it's time to end the Seal Hunt

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Originally Posted: April 11, 2012

Tell Namibian Officials it's time to end the Seal Hunt



Tell Namibian officials this atrocious slaughter of baby seals MUST STOP.

Sign an online petition:

And/or contact the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia in the U.S.:
1605 New Hampshire Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20009
phone (202) 986-0540
fax (202) 986-0443
[email protected]


In the Southern Hemisphere lies the site of the Cape fur seal massacre that takes place in the summer.

This sickening massacre could start as early as July 1st. Only about 20 or 30 people participate in this ghastly affair.

This massacre takes place in a seal rookery on a beach in Namibia, where sealers corral the seal pups and their mothers and then club and stab the pups to death in front of their mothers.  

Workers skin thousands of seal pups and dispose of their remains

For more, read Challenging Death on the Beaches of Namibia by Captain Paul Watson:

It will not be easy. Much like Canada, Namibia has made it a crime for civilians to document the atrocities on the beach in order to keep the killing under-the-radar. But unlike Canada, instead of fines and a minor beating by police, Namibia threatens potential violators with heavy jail sentences (and the potential of significant, life-threatening beatings). It is a highly dangerous environment, far more so than heaving ice floes and pursuit by the Canadian Coast Guard. In Namibia, it is just plain brutal thuggery employed in defense of the slaughter.

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