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Oppose Senator Risch's Hunting Amendment to Farm Bill!

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Originally Posted: June 15, 2012

Oppose Senator Risch's Hunting Amendment to Farm Bill!

[Ed. Note: For more read Tell your Senator to Oppose Repeal of the 1964 Wilderness Act -"Sportsmen's" Heritage Act.]

FROM National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)


We urgently need your help to contact your senators and implore them to defeat the Risch amendment if it comes up for a vote! Please remember to individualize your comments as much as you can, detailing any personal observations that support and enhance the sample message below.

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In April, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act (H.R. 4089), which as drafted, could allow much of the National Park System to be opened to hunting and recreational shooting.

Senator Jim Risch of Idaho has now taken H.R. 4089 and filed it as an amendment to the Farm Bill which the U.S. Senate is currently debating. The Sportsmen’s Heritage Act includes language that purports to exclude national parks and national monuments from hunting and recreational shooting, but is so poorly drafted that it could result in hunting being permitted in national parks, like Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains. This bill ignores the many designations of “national park unit” that also do not allow hunting, such as national historical park, national military park, national memorial, etc. 

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