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Tell the U.S. Navy to STOP sonic attacks on whales

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Originally Posted: June 26, 2012

Tell the U.S. Navy to STOP sonic attacks on whales

FROM Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)


The Navy estimates that its five-year plan to train with sonar and explosives in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico will harass, injure or kill marine mammals more than 33 million times. Send a message urging the Navy to put tough safeguards in place before unleashing this assault on vulnerable marine wildlife. 

Sign an online petition:

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Alex Stone
Jene Nissen
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
c/o Chief of Information
Attn: US Navy
1200 Navy Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-1200


The Navy is moving full speed ahead with plans for sonar and explosives training that threaten to deafen, injure -- and even kill -- countless whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.

Starting in 2014, the Navy will harass, injure, or kill marine mammals more than 33 million times in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during five years of testing and training with sonar and explosives. Those alarming numbers come from the Navy itself!

They include more than five million instances of temporary hearing loss, 16,000 instances of permanent hearing loss, almost 9,000 lung injuries, and more than 1,800 deaths.

Please send a message right away, telling the Navy that inflicting such far-reaching harm on marine mammals is simply unacceptable.

The sheer scope of the Navy’s proposed training and testing activities is staggering, potentially assaulting entire populations of marine wildlife off the East Coast, Southern California, Hawaii and the Gulf states.

Navy ships will flood millions of square miles of ocean with high-intensity sonar, which is known to cause disorientation, hearing loss, stranding and death in whales. In addition, the Navy will be detonating high-powered explosives with the potential to fatally injure the lungs and other organs of marine mammals.

The waters around Hawaii and Southern California -- including critical habitat for endangered blue and humpback whales -- would be among the hardest hit. The Navy predicts that more than 1,000 marine mammals would be killed in this area alone.

And the threat to even one North Atlantic right whale may be one too many, as fewer than 400 of these survivors now hover on the brink of extinction.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!