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A monkey named Crystal exploited in new NBC show 'Animal Practice'

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Originally Posted: August 8, 2012

A monkey named Crystal exploited in new NBC show 'Animal Practice'

[Ed. Note: VICTORY: Animal Practice TV Show Abusing Capuchin, Crystal, Canceled (October 2012). Also see NBC's 'Animal Practice' Exploits Wild Animals for Cheap Laughs.]

FROM Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest / PrimatePatrol


Tell NBC executives they should NOT use Crystal, an 18-year-old capuchin monkey, or any animals in ANY television shows, particularly not in the upcoming NBC show Animal Practice.

Bob Greenblatt
Chairman of NBC
[email protected]

NBC Los Angeles
(818) 840-4444

NBC New York
(818) 664-4444

Animal Practice Facebook page


Many of you have seen promotions for a new NBC fall premiere called Animal Practice, which features Crystal, an 18-year-old capuchin monkey "actor." Crystal has been in numerous productions in her lifetime, including the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and more recently Hangover II, The Zookeeper, and We Bought a Zoo.

Monkeys used for entertainment are taken from their mothers when they are young, and when they become too old or too big to handle are often discarded at shoddy roadside zoos or pseudo "sanctuaries." They are highly social beings, who like humans are afflicted by loneliness, boredom, and depression. Life in the entertainment industry completely disregards the need that they have for adequate exercise, natural nourishing diets, and valuable interaction with other monkeys. Though the show doesn't premiere until fall, NBC is launching a special episode right after the Olympic closing ceremonies on August 12. Don't watch it!

Please spread the word to your friends and encourage them to boycott this show with you. Let them know that monkeys should not be used in TV and film media, including the reasons listed above. Write to NBC to let them know how you feel, and post on the Animal Practice Facebook page, too. Post on Twitter that you won't be watching this show and be sure to include the hashtag #AnimalPractice. Ask your friends to share and re-tweet! You can send your emails to the Chairman of NBC, Bob Greenblatt at [email protected]

Sample Email or Facebook post:

I am seriously disappointed in NBC's decision to premise a show on a capuchin monkey. You should know that Crystal and other monkeys used in entertainment are denied the proper socialization, nutrition, and exercise they need. They are taken from their mothers and discarded at shoddy roadside zoos when they are no longer needed. Have you considered Crystal's future well-being? In addition, forcing monkeys to wear clothes and "smile" showing all their teeth is not natural and certainly not funny! Monkeys show all their teeth when they are frightened, which indicates that they've likely been abused during training. You are exploiting Crystal for your own profits and this is unacceptable business practice. I won't be watching your show, and I will tell all my friends not to either.

Sample Tweets:

Join me - don't watch @AnimalPractice because of the monkey "actor." #AnimalPractice #NBC

Stand against abuse of nonhuman primates. Don't watch @AnimalPractice! Please RT #AnimalPractice #NBC

RT Please! Join @PrimatePatrol and do'’t support @AnimalPractice when it premieres August 12th. #AnimalPractice #NBC

Thank you for everything you do for animals!