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Tell the King Richard's Faire and its major sponsors to END the exploitation of big cats and cubs

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Originally Posted: September 5, 2012

Tell the King Richard's Faire and its major sponsors to END the exploitation of big cats and cubs

FROM Big Cat Rescue


Let the sponsors of the King Richard Faire know that they need to STOP sponsoring the abuse of exotic wild cats!

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exotic wild animal big catsMore than 27 years in a row. That’s how long Bhagavan "Doc" Antle has been carting tigers, lions, ligers and cubs from his South Carolina facility to the King Richard's Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. More than 27 years!

The King Richard's Faire opened last weekend (Sept. 1) and runs for EIGHT weekends until the end of October. The big cats will be forced to perform in Antle's "Tale of the Tiger Big Cat Show" 3 times a day and will be on display in the "Royal Zoo" area the rest of the time.

Isn't it time to give these majestic cats a break?

Did the management of this Renaissance festival ever bother to look into Antle's background? We may never know – the General Manager of the festival did not respond to our calls and email. If she had looked into Antle's history, she easily would have found that he has decades of animal care citations and investigations dating all the way back to 1989!

Antle is also one of the most notorious exploiters of tiger cubs in the country. He operates two facilities in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that offer cub handling and photos with cubs for a fee. He incessantly breeds tiger cubs in order to use them to make money at these locations. From what we have been told by very upset visitors, cubs as young as 3 weeks old are routinely subjected to being handled by person after person paying to have their photos taken with the cubs for a number of hours each day.

And what happens to these cubs when they are too large and dangerous for people to hold and pet? There is no way to know how many of these tigers end up living miserable lives in conditions compassionate people like you would consider inhumane. Visitors to Antle's facilities have told us that when they have asked where the tigers end up, they were only given evasive answers. We DO know that some of his cats have been sold or given to other exhibitors with highly questionable backgrounds and numerous USDA violations.

While animal acts are unfortunately still legal in the United States, that does not make them okay. Big cats DO NOT belong in circus acts or shows, should not be bred and used for entertainment, and should not be forced to travel the country simply so exhibitors can make money from them.

Would you once again speak up for the big cats who have no voice? YOU can let the King Richard's Faire and its major sponsors such as Pepsi and Coors Light know that the time has come to END the exploitation of big cats and their cubs!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!