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Tell Veterinarians:
Devocalization is Mutilation!

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Originally Posted: November 3, 2012

Tell Veterinarians:
Devocalization is Mutilation!

[Ed. Note: January 14, 2013: Sadly, AVMA Continues to Condone Devocalization]


FROM Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets (CPR Pets)


Though devocalization is so cruel it is illegal in many countries, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) continues to condone it as a “final alternative” to manage barking and meowing. That protects humans, not animals: No vet can know whether a client has pursued all humane options, and some won’t ask. Until the AVMA takes an unequivocal stand against using vocal cord surgery as behavioral intervention, countless animals will continue to suffer lifelong anguish or a terrible death from this unnecessary, dangerous procedure.

Please meet our dogs in this video - Devocalization.

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Sometimes dogs and cats need vocal cord surgery to treat a physical problem such as cancer or laryngeal paralysis. But no animal needs surgery performed just to alter or remove his voice. Called devocalization, it is patently inhumane.

Devocalization subjects animals to life-threatening risks regardless of the vet’s skill; the instrument used, even laser; and the surgical route, through the oral cavity or an incision in the neck. And it offers them no benefit: Devocalized animals are given up and convenience euthanized like any other dog or cat.

In fact, devocalization is so cruel, it is illegal in many countries. In 2010, Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets led the successful campaign to ban it in Massachusetts, the only state law that protects all dogs and cats from this horror.

Devocalization should be illegal throughout the US. But until the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) stops condoning it as a “final alternative,” countless animals will suffer the pain and risks of a surgery they don’t need and are helpless to refuse.

Please don’t let this brutality continue. Tell the AVMA...
It is never ethical to cut vocal cords just to alter or remove an animal’s voice. Devocalization is an act of cruelty that no dog or cat deserves, no vet should perform, no veterinary association should sanction, and no civilized society should allow.



Thank you for everything you do for animals!